Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains why she skipped Heather's, but does admit that Ramona "bird dogged" Heather and Carole.

on Apr 16

I love it! Ramona walks in to the jewelry party and says -- "Of course I'm always here to support you!" Heather and Ramona, best friends as always! I almost spit my wine out. How things change over time.

Having said that, I'm happy because I like both girls and think we can have some fun times together. I know I have a ball with them separately -- why not together?

I mean remember when Heather disinvited Ramona to London? Ramona was pissed. I went and now they are very friendly. Maybe we can go on a trip together? Maybe, just maybe. But Aviva???? Oh how that has changed as well. . .

Now she has disinvited Aviva. I feel bad. I didn't feel bad when Ramona was disinvited to London because it was Heather's trip, it was costly and Ramona is a big girl. Aviva has been cut out of everything. A'Diva is fragile, in my eyes, been through a lot of crap for decades and now she was invited to the anniversary party and then not invited! Ramona was never invited to London.

Oh my, this Jonathan is soooo hot. And he buys caviar! That trumps the makeup for the "rough times" earrings gift Josh gave Kristen. I get the feeling Jonathan doesn't need an excuse to give a gift! He's just a mush mot! He's a lover.

When the girls are talking to Jonathan about having a three-way, I can see, like me, they weren't thinking about the classic-two-girls-getting-it-on-while-the-guy-watched. They were all just thinking about getting with Jonathan! I can see why Heather didn't agree. Kristen even said that she loves Josh, but Jonathan is so much more affectionate! That wins eeeeevery time.