Who's a rooster? Is calling someone 50 a compliment and did Aviva know she was going to toss her leg?

We've reached the last leg of our #RHONY Season 6 Reunion, but don't be too sad -- we've pulled together GIFs of the best moments so you can relive all the delicious New York drama.

We know Ramona, it's pretty exciting.

First up we have Aviva clarifying that her words about Ms. Radziwill, "At least I'm not 50," were a compliment. In fact, she thought she was older. . .

As Ramona says, "Even I know that's not a good thing."

When conversation moved on to the Countess and getting to know the gal behind the title, some were more interested than others. . .

Et tu, Sonjarita?

Anyway. . .Next up we had Heather's holla in the Hamptons, where the "Mama Bear" as Andy called her squared off with Aviva. What happened again?

Oh right, thanks Kristen.

Heather cleared up the meaning of motherf---er: "A motherf---er is a motherf---er" and Aviva decided to "out" the "Boss Lady" saying, "You were not brought up in the ghetto, girl!" She then turned Heather's own words against her:

This went over real well.

But Heather! What is Aviva supposed to say?

Probably not that. . .