Bethenny Frankel: I Honestly Feel Badly for Luann

"None of us are jealous, although she really thinks we are."

LOL at Carole and me arriving looking like two New Yorkers dropped from a plane in Upstate New York.

There's just something about the Berkshires.

I honestly feel badly for Luann. None of us are jealous, although she really thinks we are. This is her husband now, and she has to watch this discussion every week. We genuinely felt it was a last-ditch effort in case she was having cold feet and felt trapped.

I truly wish her the very best. We were all confused, because we have all separately heard so much.

I love how Dorinda dives into the holiday spirit. I love that her cake is lopsided, that it's a place to shovel in cold cuts and how much pride she takes in her home. I wish I didn't become possessed by the devil when I arrive there, but just wait and see the sh-- show next week.

Poor Dorinda. That house makes people crazy. Just wait.

Xo Bethenny

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