Dorinda Medley: Sonja Finds It Impossible to Ever Be Supportive of Me

"I did not appreciate Sonja's rude comments about the event and John."

Well Hannah is moving out, and I am happy for her and kinda sad for me, but also excited! It's the first time I am going to live alone in 23 years. I am hoping to freshen up my apartment and make it mine all mine!

I love watching Avery giving Ramona advice. She's so smart and beautiful! These young girls are so level-headed and unemotional about difficult situations. They problem solve and work through it unlike our generation that is all about emotions and being right. I still do not understand how heated it got between Ramona and Bethenny in the Berkshires, but one thing is for sure: Bethenny is having none of it. When Bethenny is done, she's done, and she does not look back. This is one of the many reasons she is so successful, because she keeps it moving.

Now on to my charity event for Beauty for Freedom. I love this charity, because it focuses on children involved in the slave trade, which is hard to even understand. They are a hands-on small organization that goes right to the source of this problem and helps children get out of the world of sex trafficking and get them involved in something that helps them create a safe productive life. It's never easy trying to get people to spend money at these events, but it seems that people were more interested in drinking then bidding. I did my best to rally the troops, and we did raise some money for this wonderful cause, but next time I don't think I'll have an open bar! On a side note, I did not appreciate Sonja's rude comments about the event and John. Sonja finds it impossible to ever be supportive of me. Maybe if it were about picking up random men at Beautuique and not about the sex trafficking of children, she would be kinder and more supportive. Well my heart was in the right place, and next time we'll raise even more money. I want to give a special thanks to Celebrity Pages and Bagatelle for putting this event together!

Everyone has to stop with Luann and Tom. They're happy, they're in love, and the biggie: THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED in a few weeks! We all need to focus on our lives and relationships and leave them be! Enough Already!

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