Our Very Favorite Jill Zarin Moments From RHONY

We're welcoming the return of Jill Zarin with a celebration of her greatest hits.

Jill Zarin makes her comeback on this week's episode of RHONY. How could we forget this Jewish gem's extravagent lifestyle and hilarious quips? Let's take a look at some of Jill's most memorable Housewives moments. 

1.  When she rocked a new, very versatile, accessory in Morocco.

 “What are you scared of? It’s like wearing a belt.” Totally.

2.  Before Giggy, there was a different bitch running the scene: Ginger.

Bobby vs. Ginger: Who is Jill's true soul mate? 

3.  How can we forget her exquisite Upper East Side apartment?

 Bienvenido to Casa de Zarin!

4.  Remember when Bethenny told Jill to “get a hobby?”

 This did not go over too hot with Jill and eventually led to the downfall of this friendship.

5.  Picking out her own birthday gifts…

Wouldn’t we all love a Bobby in our lives?  (and a $3.7 million ring?)

6.  …and receiving some surprise gifts.

 It’s not jewelry, but we think it’ll do.

7.  Her book cover photoshoot.

Jill wrote Secrets of a Jewish Mother with her mom and sister. Wow, can we see (and hear) the resemblance!

8.  Her ice skating debut!

That outfit is a 10.

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