This Chart Proves All RHONY Relationships Lead Back to Harry Dubin

When Harry met... ALL of the Real Housewives.

During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona invites our favorite NYC bachelor, Harry Dubin, back into the spotlight. As he kanoodles with Missy, another one of Ramona’s friends, it became clear: There is a very tangled love web forming around the Housewives. Let’s break it down.


Sonja Morgan used to date Harry and was almost engaged to him. Luann D'Agostino used to date Harry, too. However, Harry was once married to former Real Housewife Aviva Drescher, with whom he has a son, Harrison. Meanwhile, Luann just married Tom D'Agostino. Tom, though, was a "friend with benefits" to Sonja for years. Think that’s all? Of course not. Tom also has dated Ramona. 

To tangle the web further, Ramona’s friend Missy joined the ‘Wives at Ramona’s housewarming party. Missy, of course, used to date Tom right before Luann and him were exclusive. The episode concludes with Harry “going in for the kill” with Missy. So unsurprisingly, we circle back to Harry. Oh, what a guy.

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