Bethenny Frankel Commits to a Potentially Life-Saving Change After Food Allergy Almost Killed Her

Bethenny Frankel has learned the true danger she faces daily as she lives with a "rare" and serious food allergy.

Bethenny Frankel is grateful to be alive after surviving a near-fatal reaction to a food allergy: She shared on Twitter that accidentally eating soup containing fish triggered her "rare fish allergy" reaction, which led to a 15-minute period of unconsciousness, and stints in the emergency room and the ICU. She said that "911 & EPI saved me." And she added, "I’ll never not carry an epipen."

In addition to the Epipen, Bethenny will now be making an additional adaptation to her life with a food allergy: The Real Housewives of New York City businesswoman has engaged with several fans on Twitter following the revelation of her health scare on Monday night, and she says she plans to take the advice of one. "Definitely wear a medical ID bracelet," one fan tweeted at Bethenny. "It could save your life. Reactions are no joke."

Bethenny responded publicly in the affirmative: "OK, I will."

In addition, she has pledged to fans on Twitter that she is making it her "new mission" to arrange the donations of EpiPens for use in schools and other childrens's organizations.

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