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    • Ep 17: London Calling
    • S7/EP17 | Aired:
      July 28, 2015
      Carole and Dorinda arrive in London and Carole’s first order of business is to retrieve her late husband’s ashes. (43:24)
    • Ep 16: Awfully Charitable
    • S7/EP16 | Aired:
      July 21, 2015
      Carole visits Bethenny’s almost-finished apartment and fills her in on the chaos that occurred at the end of Kristen’s denim-decorating party. (43:24)
    • Ep 15: Don't Be All, Like, Uncool
    • S7/EP15 | Aired:
      July 14, 2015
      The profanity-filled dinner at the Gansevoort continues with Dorinda storming off and Heather chasing her down. (00:00)
    • Ep 14: Conch Blocked
    • S7/EP14 | Aired:
      July 7, 2015
      When Bethenny is making lunch for the ladies and Ramona tries to convince everyone to go out to eat instead, Bethenny calls Ramona out for always making things about her. (00:00)
    • Ep 13: Sonja Island
    • S7/EP13 | Aired:
      June 30, 2015
      On their first evening in Turks and Caicos, Ramona and Bethenny have a tear-filled heart to heart after the other ladies go to bed. (43:24)

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