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The Real Housewives of New York City

Reunion Part 1

S8/EP21 | Aired:
August 31, 2016
Dorinda is made to relive her toughest and most embarrassing moments with John. The ladies delve into Ramona's love life. Then, the accusations start to fly between Luann and Bethenny when the ladies rehash their trip to the Berkshires. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of New York City

Say It Ain't So

S8/EP20 | Aired:
August 24, 2016
Luann is left devastated after Bethenny reveals the incriminating news about Tom. A few days later, Dorinda tells Ramona that she got a threatening call from Tom. Bethenny throws a Mexican themed party with a piñata filled with 10K worth of jewelry. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of New York City


S8/EP19 | Aired:
August 17, 2016
Bethenny shares a damaging secret about Luann's relationship with some of the ladies. The final morning in Miami opens the door for an upsetting conversation that leaves Bethenny no choice but to share the secret to the person it could hurt the most. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of New York City

And Away We Finally Go

S8/EP17 | Aired:
July 27, 2016
After canceling Mexico and Hawaii because of Bethenny's health, the ladies vacation in Miami. The ladies are conflicted about Luann's last minute engagement party in Palm Beach. Bethenny has information that may jeopardize Luann and Tom's future. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of New York City

The Countess Bride

S8/EP16 | Aired:
July 20, 2016
The ladies arrive for a night of fun at the Mohegan Sun Casino and everyone is in good spirits. Ramona has conflicting discussions with Sonja and Dorinda about planning Luann's engagement dinner. And Luann's dinner serves up a new trip announcement. (43:24)
The Real Housewives of New York City

Invitation Interrupted

S8/EP11 | Aired:
June 15, 2016
Still dealing with the fallout from her Tipsy Girl venture, Sonja decides to change her partying ways. On a double date with Dorinda and John, Jules hits a boiling point with Michael. Bethenny has a conversation with Luann that leaves her speechless. (43:24)

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