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    • Reunion Part 3
    • S7/EP22 | Aired:
      August 27, 2015
      The final installment of the reunion starts with Sonja on the defense about her fashion line and her international lifestyle brand. Carole and Dorinda discuss their bond of widowhood. The women look back and rehash the Turks and Caicos trip. (43:24)
    • Reunion Part 2
    • S7/EP21 | Aired:
      August 25, 2015
      Luann and Carole still fight through their unresolved issues. Then, it’s all about the newest Housewife, Dorinda, including her touchy-feely boyfriend and her unpredictable temper. All of the single ladies talk men, dating and life as cougars. (43:24)
    • Reunion Part 1
    • S7/EP20 | Aired:
      August 18, 2015
      The reunion gets started with conflicting accounts of the return of Bethenny. As the ladies remember their Atlantic City adventures, tensions resurface. Then, from boyfriends to girl codes, the royal rumble continues between Luann and Carole. (43:24)
    • New Beginnings, My Ass
    • S7/EP19 | Aired:
      August 11, 2015
      Sonja's Fashion Week debut is getting press thanks to Bethenny and Ramona's ruckus. Carole shares with Bethenny that Luann's been talking behind her back. Ramona's New Beginnings party seems like old behavior all around when old conflicts arise. (43:24)
    • Rumble on the Runway
    • S7/EP18 | Aired:
      August 4, 2015
      Bethenny and Heather join Sonja to see her clothing line, but end up choosing models for Sonja's fashion show. Ramona announces she's having a "New beginnings" party. Behind the scenes at the Sonja's fashion show, everything goes wrong for Sonja. (43:24)
    • London Calling
    • S7/EP17 | Aired:
      July 28, 2015
      Carole and Dorinda arrive in London where Carole retrieves her late husband's ashes. In New York, Sonja teaches Ramona the protocols of dating when they receive an invitation from Bethenny to a party, which turns out to be a fiery affair. (43:24)

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