Alexis Bellino

Alexis talks Tamra's Bunco party, rules to a healthy relationship, working out and more!

on Dec 3, 2009


Tamra's Bunco party was sooo much fun! I just LOVE games! Every Thanksgiving and Christmas since I was 12 year old, my family has played cards, poker, pictionary, balderdash ... etc. So I guess it was a given that I would have a good time at Bunco! And when you put M&Ms at every table, you KNOW it's going to get crazy! LOL. That party was especially fun because of the sweet, fun girls there. Tamra has some GREAT friends! AND on top of all of that, I got to meet Quinn and Tammy for the first time!

My husband saying he'd never let me go to Greece alone totally turns me on! The truth of the matter is I would never respect a man that would wish me to travel wherever, whenever I want. Our understanding of marriage is mutual. The rules that apply to one, apply to the other. The point is, I would never want or be willing to send him to Greece without me either. Jim and I have a very happy, healthy, "no gray area" marriage. A few blogs ago, I limited our rules of our marriage to SEVEN rules to save time; but here are some more rules we choose to live by:

1. We don't vacation alone, excluding quick 2 day business or family trips where circumstances do not allow the other to come.

2. We have all passwords to emails, Facebook and cell phones.

3. There are no double standards in our marriage. What applies to one, applies to the other. It would much easier to allow your significant other to do what they want when they want, so in turn YOU can then do what you want when you want, but Jim and I feel we'd rather have no double standards. It's definitely harder, but it's our way.