Alexis Bellino

Alexis gives her take on the slumber party, the psychic readings, and the TP prank!

on Jan 17, 2010

The other part of the show is the psychic, Dougall. All I have to say about this is that I respect Dougall as a person. I am not someone who believes in psychic readings. I believe in my God. My Father has my life in his hands, not in any color. So do my kids need a "slob night"? Possibly. I'm open to opinions and criticism. However, I feel it couldn't be further from the truth. My kids play in the rain, my kids play with play-doh, my kids paint. You should see them at the end of the day - talk about sloppy!

So let's move on to the toilet papering of Jeana's home. Is this something I would do? YES! I think it was all in good fun, and I would totally do it to any good friend's home as a joke, and every friend I know would laugh hysterically about it! Pulling pranks keeps us young, it keeps life on a lighter side, and it's just plain funny!!! And if it happened to my home I would die laughing!! I would be ticked at paying someone $100 to clean it all up, but I'd laugh after I wrote the check! We all know it's funny! I honestly think it depends on the heart of the intention. Was I angry at Jeana when I did it? NO WAY! The other women may have had a beef with her, but I thought we were all just pulling an innocent prank on a friend! Jeana, you can come TP my home anytime! Muah! (But good luck getting in the gate!)

For those of you requesting to see more of me this year, I promise it's coming!

I hope you are all having a great new year so far!