Alexis Bellino

Alexis discusses her conflict with Vicki (and that dinner table gag!) on the girls' vacation getaway.

on Feb 12, 2010

Which leads me to the next topic: My phone calls at Fleur de Lys. Yes, I did make two calls to my husband because his phone dropped the first call and I needed to finish my conversation. And yes, my son called me twice because he was sad his mommy was away for the first time EVER by herself. However, I was not on the phone the entire night. Should I have excused myself? Perhaps, but I don't think it's against the law for me to talk to my family. Remember, I have three kids under three. Plus the fact that all the other girls make calls at lunches and dinners, yet none of them excuse themselves either. And as for the speaker phone comments that I "always put it on speaker" and "love everyone to hear conversations," that couldn't be further from the truth. We all put our phones on speaker during calls so the viewer is able to hear both sides of the conversation. Once Vicki made the first rude comment asking me to stop, I immediately stopped doing it. At Fleur de Lys I only put it on speaker because my son wanted to say hello to the girls.

On to the liver.... Oh goodness, all I can say is that I was pale and shaky for the rest of the night after trying Gretchen's appetizer. It is not something I should have tried on camera, but I thought I would love it! Never in a million years could I have known I would gag. Come on, I have THREE babies!! I change three poopy diapers a day, I have been thrown up on, I have had dirty toys put in my mouth, etc. There is just something about the texture of foie gras that does not agree with me! I paid for it the rest of the evening.

With that said, Vicki's name-calling and actions speak loud and clear. Honestly, it's not even worth discussing anymore. She stooped to a WHOLE new Vicki level this episode. (Way to take the high road girl!)

My life has changed so much in the past six months!! My husband changed his FIRST POOPY diaper! Whoo-hoo! Yayyyyy, Daddy! He almost threw up, but he did it! Also, I now have two part-time careers, and we have gone to one nanny, because the children are older now.