Alexis Bellino

Get to know the newest OC housewife before her big debut!

on Nov 6, 2009 Is it tough being the new wife? You the reaction from the cast when Gretchen joined the show last year - were you worried you'd get the same treatment?

I would not use the word 'tough' to describe what it is like to be the new wife. It's more exciting than anything. It is awkward at times, kind of like when you join a sorority, or start a new career - I am just trying to get to know each of them, their different personalities, what they like, the things that frustrate each of them, and so on.

I was a little worried that they would treat me the same way they treated Gretchen last year, so I mentally prepared for it as best as I could. I expected it to be a little more difficult fitting in. However, I instantly clicked with one of my cast mates, and I felt a lot more at ease. What did you think of Gretchen and Tamra's argument in the premiere?

When I saw the argument between Gretchen and Tamra, I cringed. I had already heard the story from BOTH sides the day after the argument took place, but it was difficult to watch because I know each of them have good hearts, and good intentions. They both feel passionate about their stance on the issues, and neither one of them is willing to back down. It's just one of those things that is probably NEVER going to be resolved.