Alexis Bellino

Alexis talks about her showdown with Vicki at Lynne's dinner party.

on Feb 9, 2010


Boy oh boy, do I have a lot to say this week. In my 33 years of age, I have learned one huge lesson: To do my best to go by my own experiences with people, and to try my best not to gossip, so please indulge me for a few paragraphs as I share my experiences for the past few months with Vicki, all of which I have already discussed with her at the reunion show.

To say Lynne's party was full of drama is an understatement! I felt bad for Lynne and Frank that evening. They are such a sweet couple, and their party was beautiful! I swear it seems like we can never get all five of us girls together without drama!

It does not surprise me that Vicki pretended to fall asleep during my story, and no one else's story. It simply made her dislike for me more evident. I have never done one thing to this lady; it's about survival at this point because I would get eaten alive if I sat back and let her continue to treat me the way she does. Vicki claims that my story was too long and too detailed. Well, excuse me, it was a story. Don't stories have details? Not to mention that EVERY SINGLE ONE of us went around the table and told detailed stories about how we met our significant other, including Vicki and Donn. Up to this point, I was under the impression that we were all casual friends, in which case friends enjoy hearing details about other friends. However, several hurtful things had transpired between Vicki and I prior to her 'snoring joke,' and that was the final straw. It was obvious we weren't friends once her and Donn's snoring continued past the point of being funny to being obnoxious and cruel. Let me explain, a joke is funny (and a joke) IF: #1 It is a friend who is making the joke, and #2 Their heart is in the right place when making the joke, neither of which was the case in this situation. What ever happened to Vicki "taking the high road" this season? Hahaha. That makes me chuckle. Let's take a look at Vicki's behavior at Lynne's party. Within the matter of ONE HOUR, Vicki:

*Got into a fight with Simon.
*Called all of us "stupid people" under her breath.
*Snored during my story.
*Said, "Alexis definitely wants all eyes on her."
*Said, "This new group of chaos I don't want to be around it."
*Insinuated her and Donn were the only 2 people that worked in our group.