Alexis Bellino

Alexis tells Vicki, if you're gonna dish it out, be ready to take it.

on Dec 18, 2009


I do have a difficult time leaving my children for more than a few hours. I am even OK leaving them up to 10 hours, but there is something about staying overnight away from them that causes me to get a little anxious. I guess it's the 'controlling' side of me coming out. I truly do leave lists on the refrigerator for my nannies. One lists breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the vacation, one lists activities to do (or a schedule), one leaves the emergency contacts etc ... it gets pretty ridiculous. I am sure Olga and Mary laugh at me when they see them. It wouldn't surprise me if they don't even read them because they have been with my family for three years and know all the rules and regiments! For some reason it makes ME feel better to post notes on the refrigerator! Maybe it's only for me! Go figure!

I'm not quite sure why Vicki was so upset about the boys coming on the trip to Florida. To be honest, she never even saw them until after hours ...which was fine with me. The girls trip was never presented to me as a 'GIRLS ONLY' trip. I never received the memo: "NO MEN ALLOWED." I would have laughed had she stated that to me. I would not go somewhere that had certain 'rules' in advance, like your husband is not allowed. Not to mention the fact that Jim and Simon invited Donn to join them. So it was never a question of Vicki not mentioning to Donn to come along. What really strikes me as shocking is the fact that Vicki did not want to join us on the fabulous yacht cruise because she was going to feel like a third wheel, but yet she wound up going out that night with another couple, thus being a third wheel. It just doesn't quite register with me ... it doesn't make sense. It may be a little hypocritical.

Furthermore, Vicki's motto this summer is, "I'm going to take the high road" or "Why does everyone talk about me? I don't talk about anyone..." It's ironic she says this because I have yet to see this "high road" she claims to be traveling. At the beginning of the summer she would constantly say, "Doesn't anyone else work?" or "Welcome to my world." The condescending comments without results end now. As of lately, all she's been doing is talking bad about Simon and Tamra's marriage, or just Simon, and now she is talking about ME? Saying, "Alexis likes to be called a princess ... she needs to put it away." I don't need to mention the fact that I graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing and worked 12 hour days when I met Jim, and now I'm a mom of THREE and have a career again. Now she's throwing me into the mix? The problem is Vicki, if you're gonna dish it out with me, be ready to take it. I'm done being Ms. Nice Girl.