Alexis Bellino

Alexis recounts her mom's eye-lift, the finale BBQ, and lessons she's learned about herself this season.

on Mar 8, 2010


Hi Friends,

OK, now we can breathe! The season is over! Thank goodness!! I didn't get a chance to blog last week because of my family passing around a cold, and because of all the press that has been occurring for the end of the season. Sorry I took a break, but I'm back!

Two weeks ago was the episode of my mom getting her eye-lift. I have to say, she looks AMAZING! She is so thrilled with the results, and so thankful for Dr. Niccole.

This episode was difficult for me to watch because of two reasons: #1) It appeared that I was the one who wanted my mother to do this surgery, which couldn't be further from the truth. My mother had been asking me about this surgery for over three years. And #2) I cannot believe the comment I made about Missouri. For goodness sakes, Missouri is my home state! I NEVER intended it to come across the way it did when I heard that statement, and honestly, I cringed when I watched it. I was so mad at myself that I truly thought of sending a hate blog to myself! LOL. There is no excuse for ever making a comment like that. My only point was that when I was growing up, everyone made fun of me because I fake-baked, dyed my hair and wore makeup. That is definitely not to say that all of Missouri women are plain. Three of my best girlfriends still live there and they are BEAUTIFUL, outside and inside.

I loved growing up in Missouri. I lived on a street with tons of friends. We climbed in tree houses, played ball, crossed the creek to go to the toy store ... I truly feel blessed to have grown up there. Missouri is a simpler way of life. That's not an insult, it's just the truth. The towns are a lot smaller, and further apart, and people do not seem to over-commit and busy themselves the way they do here in California. The fact is that Missouri is less populated, and less big cities mean more time to focus only on true friends and family.