Alexis Bellino

Alexis explains how religion has helped her become a better spouse and mother.

on Jan 9, 2010

Jim and I did get to experience a year of the 'single' life, meaning 'single' as in, "with no children." We traveled a lot, woke up late, had long talks, went to bed late, had sooo much free time, had thousands of friends, came and went as we pleased, etc. As most of you know, this all changes with children. After our son was born, something happened to Jim and I that can only be explained as the gift God gives us, called children. Soon after we had the twins. Once we were blessed with the THREE beautiful, breathtaking, sweet, precious little ones we have today, we grew even closer to understanding what God's purpose in our life was. It was no longer about us - it was not about about what Jim and I were doing that night, or where we were going on our next trip, it was now about how we were going to raise these three special babies to be the best, most honest, loving people we possibly could. We are not the best parents, but we are the best parents we know how to be without Super Nanny living next door to help us out. I have to say that it was much easier being a parent of one; now with three little ones all screaming at once, I often wonder how Kate Plus Eight still hasn't jumped off a bridge at times...

With that said, I think there's much more to my family than what has been shown this season. I mean if I was a viewer, and not a cast member, I would be like, "Who ARE these Bellino folks anyway??" All you've seen thus far is me working out, going to lunches or dinners, and me going to church, which was the best portrayal yet. You have yet to see a 'day in the life of Alexis,' or hear about my background, or see me with my friends. It is very discouraging. I would love nothing more than to run to the studios and pick up all that lost footage to keep the memoirs for my own family.

That leads me to another topic for discussion ... my husband. He never even wanted to do this show, he did it for me. That's what love does to you. You've seen segments of him disciplining the children, but none of these snippets include him laughing and wrestling and playing with the kids...all of which I know occurred. My husband is one of the greatest people I know, he is so compassionate, yet strong, so loving, yet firm, and not to mention the biggest goofball I know. I would NEVER start a food fight in the kitchen, but he would. I would NEVER jump in the bean bag with the kids, but he would. I would NEVER tie string to a banana to go fishing, but he would. He completes our family. So it's a shame you are not getting to see that side of him. He is everything to this family that I am not. Thank GOD for him.

Now I would like to address the "God issue." We have found that in creating a family foundation around God, i.e. family prayers and church, this helps us keep a successful marriage and keep a healthy relationship with our kids. The reason I say this is because I think we might been seen as flipped out religious fanatics, which couldn't be further from the truth. There is hundreds of hours of footage of my family and I doing MANY interesting things. Don't get me wrong, I do not apologize about our spirituality, but our family is being portrayed as so religious that we are being set up for a fall, and I will guarantee you, we will fall.