Bethenny's OC Blog

The blonde broads are back, and NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel shares her thoughts on the fourth season premiere offers her first impressions on the new season of OC.

on Nov 24, 2008

The blonde broads are back and this season's oranges are gonna be juicy! Let's start out with Gretchen, the new girl. She loves bling and Tamra is not happy that she isn't the new girl, and she may have to give over her tiara to the new hottest housewife. The girls look hot. Vicki, like some of the Atlanta girls, favors the French manicure. I really think it's 80s, but evidently it is in style in some places. It's a big Florida thing too.

Vicki's son Michael is all grown up and he bought his girlfriend a 700 dollar dog. I'm a fan of mutts and the pound and I just pray they didn't go to a pet store. The boat Mom wants to buy is fantastic, but boats are a fortune and every time you breathe it costs money. Vicki's type A personality will go nuts. Keep the lake house. Michael votes for the boat and Brianna wants mom to spend more time with the family.

Jeana lost weight and looks happier and beautiful. Losing a man that's weighing you down will make you look lighter and brighter. It definitely is time for a little house facelift, and putting aside the Nagel pictures is a start. Maybe framing one of them in a cooler, more modern frame is a way to remember the past in the future. Having a Nagel and playboy cover are definitely impressive. I'm a fan of getting rid of the moose on the wall, unless of course it's in homage to Sarah Palin. I'm guessing some of these babes are Republicans.