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Bethenny Frankel's not loving new Housewife Lynne, but sees both sides of the drama between Gretchen and Tamra.

on Jan 5, 2009

Sorry this blog was late. I was in Aruba with Jill Zarin watching her and all the Yentas this side of the Mason-Dixon line stake their claim on lounge chairs first thing every morning. No one is more entertaining than Jill.

I'm a little feisty in this New Year, but I don't write these blogs to sugar coat things. My comments below are mild compared to my most extreme thoughts. Lynne's obsessed with being young. Well, she better get on it. Watching her daughters in preparation for the birthday event made me long for My Super Sweet Sixteen so I could watch some children with real morals. Can you say spoiled rotten? Those girls need an internship with Kara or Briana to see how to be level-headed, driven women despite privileged backgrounds. I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle them.

Briana is terrific. Her work ethic is admirable and can probably be attributed to Vicki. I like that she is her own woman and not into glitz and glamour. Golden child. Kara is the same and that comes from Jeana. It is no coincidence that Vicki and Jeana are strong, businesswomen/matriarchs and their daughters have their act together. After watching Kara turn a mundane retail job into a project, I would offer her a job to work for anytime. If Jeana lets her move to New York, she can have a job, make great money and will be able to buy clothes. Maybe we'll crossover casts next season.