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NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel explains why the OC wives were a hot pink mess this week.

on Jan 22, 20090

I felt terrible when Vicki fell at her party. I have definitely had my share of spills, and her son is grumpy and negative and should be as sweet and supportive as Donn. I really want to meet the person who has never had an embarrassing moment.

Now to Lynne. I've been harsh on her, but I have to give her a compliment. I think "cuff love" is a great name and I thought the cuffs were actually interesting, chic and some were very nice. I'm sure, however, that she hasn't registered the trademark (I've registered several and it is costly) and if she is serious about this business, she needs a good patent lawyer and to get on that ASAP. Congrats on Fred Segal. That business is no picnic. She should keep it small, at home and not get ahead of herself. It is a trendy item, and I learned all about the world of accessories with my former business Princess Pashmina (I was one of the largest importers nationwide.) Lynne, beware. That business is brutal and should not be treated as a part-time venture. Her daughter Alexa seems sweet and I like that she is exploring her creative side and pitching in.

How can I even take the conversation with Jeana that Gretchen had about the ex-wife. First, if Jeff is dying, it is understandable that others that he has loved and had children with would want to be around. Second, how to even prioritize the wives? Hugh Hefner would be a good one to call about this, and I won't be surprised if there will be a Gretchen playboy moment forthcoming. The man is dying, well he is actually no longer with us now, but I still have a difficult time taking anyone seriously who would marry a man with 5 ex-wives (much less a hot blonde who gets wasted and hits on friends' sons.)