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NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel explains why the OC wives were a hot pink mess this week.

on Jan 22, 2009

It was funny that Vicki said she didn't like to mix personal and business. I know she meant that she wouldn't have a girlfriend work for her, but it was funny that she said it while on her computer and PDA on a girls' outing to Fred Segal. I respect her work ethic. I'm worse than she is. The vibrator comment that Gretchen made was simply distasteful. We all understand that she isn't "getting any," but some things are best left unsaid. She said it was like a graduation pen. Well, it seems that when she graduates from her current relationship, she'll have a diamond encrusted vibrator to show for it.

Jeana was the funniest part of the vibrator scenes. She had no clue what it was and her delivery was hilarious. Vicki was great when she came over to the toys and said, "we love those." They were totally charming and it didn't seem to lack taste. It's not always the content, but the delivery. It was ironic that Gretchen's scent was joie naivete which means naive joy. Everyone is wondering whether or not she is naive. We know she experiences joy, but I don't think she's naive.

As for the "I'm engaged to a dying rich man" lunch conversation, I see both sides. It is vulgar to shotgun marry someone to have rights to their money and I couldn't imagine that kind of a conversation in a hospital. If he is a good man, he has planned for Gretchen during this process. Jill Zarin would agree with Jeana and Vicki and say that you need to be prepared, and I understand that aspect too. Gretchen better have that conversation or be prepared to support herself.