Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen discusses her intervention with Alexa, Simon and Tamra's relationship troubles, and more.

on Jan 8, 2010

Since I didn’t get a chance to blog about Florida I want to clear up something since the show this week starts out with Vicki saying “thank you” to Donn for not coming to Florida and that it was supposed to be a "girls only" trip to Florida. That was never the premise that any of us “other women” were aware of, and to be clear I was never personally invited by Vicki to Florida. Being that we are on a show that takes up most of our time and a show that requires us to travel at times, it would only make sense that our significant others would be with us on some or most of those trips. The men coming on this trip should of never been a main part of the storyline and it got blown way of out proportion due to Vicki wanting to make a stink about it. Vicki for goodness sakes opted to go out with another couple the same night we all went on the boat trip (thus still being the third wheel as she professed she was absolutely NOT going to be with us woman on the boat.) To me that seems hypocritical and makes me wonder if she wanted to make a big show in front of the cameras. Then she continues by saying in this episode that she is trying to take the high road this year and stay out of the drama. If you ask me she created the drama that night. Slade DID surprise me and I was beyond thrilled that he cared enough about me and my emotional state to make it important enough to show up, but in no way was he being controlling or imposing. Slade and I do spend time apart when we need too, and don’t have “rules” if you will about that issue, but we would always rather be doing things together if we have the choice.

Now on another note I do think that the ceremony and gesture towards Donn was so wonderful and sweet on Vicki’s part. It made me very happy to see them happy again and to see Vicki finally treat her man with the respect and love he deserves. If they have truly worked through their differences and she has realized that she has something good with him, then good on them. However I do not believe that it gives her a right or reason to correct others or to act as though she knows everything when it comes to the way to treat a significant other. We all choose to behave and treat our partners differently, and we choose to conduct our relationships differently, her way is not what is right for everyone else. We all know she was definitely not a good example of how to treat a spouse last season. Let’s just hope the way she has recommitted herself to Donn this season is true and that it lasts. They seem very happy and back on the same page and that is what is important.

I love Alexis and Jim’s family and church values - it's so nice to see in this day and age. I value them as people and as dear friends. We have grown so close in our friendship and Slade and I hosted them at our church, Saddleback Church, a few weeks ago. It is so nice to have friends who can keep you accountable and grounded in this world. It doesn’t mean we will always agree on everything, but we are honest and supportive of each other and that is what I love so much about them.