Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen talks about the loss of Jeff, her relationship with Slade, and her confrontation with Tamra.

on Nov 11, 2009


When Jeana made the comment that we need to be nice and not hurt one another and then Tamra agreed with her - it just lit me up. This is when you see me say, "Are you kidding me?" and it continued to escalate from there. At this point I could no longer stand by and watch Tamra claim that she was one way but always following with actions another way.

Obviously it just continued to explode between us and I could explain my frustrations to you guys about the crap Tamra was saying, but everyone already knows by watching the footage how unbelievable I felt she was. My ending statement to her said it all. I'm not going to lie - it felt great to finally stand up to her and say she needs to stop making up lies about things she knows nothing about and tell her to shut the F up! With that said, it takes a lot to get me to that point and I certainly don't condone talking that way to anyone. Looking back Tamra and I know that is not what we wanted to be doing with each other and a lot has transpired since that night.

You will see many of the friendships go through a lot of changes this season, ups and downs, bonds broken and hearts hurt, but ultimately you will see every one of us is just trying hard to get along in this place called life.

I am excited for you guys to see my story unfold this season. It is a season of repair and rebuilding after my devastating loss. I admit to my mistakes and bad choices of how I handled Jeffs passing by drinking and partying in order to num the pain at times. I work through a lot of emotions to get to a better place emotionally, spiritually, financially, and mentally. This includes my new relationship with Slade. I know so many of you have concerns and opinions about it and I expect that and am OK with that. The one thing I do want to say though is that Jeff and I had many talks while he was sick about me moving on with my life if he didn't make it through this disease and how important it would be to him for me to find the love and happiness he knew I deserved. This statement is what kept me going most days and what allowed me to allow someone like Slade into my life. I am happier then I have been in over a year and I know Jeff would want nothing more. Jeff's kids and best friends are so happy for me and his son Jake met Slade and really likes him. For me that was the deciding factor when the kids supported me dating Slade. Everyone is going to have opinions and there are going to be haters, but without haters no one will be talking about you either!