Gretchen Rossi

What has Gretchen been up to since OC's explosive reunion show? Bravo's most controversial Housewife talks.

on Apr 22, 2009

My campaigning started the weekend of April 4th. I was asked to participate in the Orange County Boat Show, autographing pictures, selling little sailor teddy bears for the kids, and selling wristbands that said “relentless” with all proceeds going back to the Jeff Beitzel fund and LLS. A portion of all ticket sales went back to LLS and the Jeff Beitzel Fund as well! It was a really fun event and I got to meet a lot of great and wonderfully giving individuals.

The next opportunity I had to try and raise money for my cause was during the Bravo A-List Awards that aired on April 15th! I attended the awards and was also nominated for an award! “Reality’s Guiltiest Pleasure”. It was a very fun honor and I want to thank all my fans for voting for me! If you watched the show, you know the award went to my girl from Atlanta, Nene, who more than deserved it! She and I hit it off and I enjoyed spending so much time with her and ALL the Atlanta ladies that weekend! Wow - they are fun and vivacious woman with class and character like you wouldn't believe. I would spend time with them in Atlanta all day long. We have kept in touch by phone since the awards and I feel like I have a whole other group of friends now.

NeNe and I hit it off and I enjoyed spending so much time with her and ALL the Atlanta ladies that weekend!

During the show there was an opportunity to vote by text or online for your favorite fashion show outfit! I really enjoyed going to Fred Segal and hanging out with all the other ladies from the other towns to shop for the day! Some of the women played nice, some not so nice, and some even cheated on the price point, but oh well! I thought my outfit was fun and young and I had a good time showing it off on the catwalk! The great news is that I have the opportunity to raise money for my charity if you guys continue to vote for me on You can vote here: The winner will be able to donate $10,000 to the charity of their choice! Of course mine will be for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society/Jeff Beitzel Memorial Fund! So be sure to cast your vote to help my charity win (even if you don't like my outfit !)