Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen talks about Alexis and Jim's relationship, her confrontation with Tamra, and more.

on Dec 10, 2009

My cast mates and I know all too well that the questions they ask in the interviews sometimes don’t show an entire response. I also would never roll my eyes or make weird looks about anyone saying things in regards to God in their relationship, maybe about some other things, but not about God. I cannot emphasize how much I think having God as a part of your marriage/relationship is important. I know all too well how much it can affect a marriage in a negative way without those roots grounded in Christ.

I was so excited to go to my motorcycle classes this summer, because I really wanted to get on the bike Jeff surprised me with and prove to myself I could do it, and also make Jeff smile in heaven! It was a really long weekend, 10-hour days and it was so dang hot out there, but I learned a lot and was pretty surprised at how good I was on a bike. I grew up riding dirt bikes in the desert so I had a clue, but getting on a 700 pound Harley is a little different. My Dad owns a motorcycle shop called Scotts Performance Products (go visit his site for more info and he taught me how to ride bikes, but I must say my parents were even a little nervous about the Harley Jeff bought me. My Dad has won the Baja 1000 many times before and that is a huge accomplishment in the motorcycle world, so I think he is the best teacher a girl could have! I loved riding dirt bikes as a kid, but never expected to grow up and be a “Harley Chick!” That day in class was a special accomplishment for me and I know it would have made Jeff proud. I am very competitive when it comes to sports, so I was super excited when I kicked Slade’s butt in the class as well J

I must say Lynne looks amazing after her surgery, but holy smokes the woman is brave! I don’t know if I would of done that! I hope that by trying to do preventative maintenance that I never have to go under the knife ... OMG that looks sooo painful! I’m all about doing what makes you look and feel good, so good on Lynne! I have never had any plastic surgery yet, but I am not against it at all! I rather try to avoid it if I can, but believe me when things start going south I am going to be on that bed just as quick probably. In the meantime I started the Gretchen Project ( to find the latest and greatest in the industry of cosmetic beauty. We have a sweepstakes coming up this month for the New Year, called “Make me the Gretchen Project” and six lucky winners will get a complete makeover including $4,000 dollars in cosmetic treatments and an exclusive package from my new make-up line “Gretchen Christine Beaute” So be sure to join the contest!