Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen talks about Alexis and Jim's relationship, her confrontation with Tamra, and more.

on Dec 10, 2009

The deal with Tamra and me just goes on and on and on it seems! WE are so over this! Unfortunately we are forced to re-live those moments by watching these episodes and discuss them in our blogs, so remember this part of my blog will be coming from that time and place only. As you can see, I was obviously hesitant to go to that meeting and also to be too quick to forgive and forget! I decided to forgive but not forget, and this is why you see me say I wasn’t ready to take down my blog from my website ( ) I wasn’t ready to take it down because I still did not trust Tamra and her motives. At the time I believed she didn’t want my blog up because it called her out on a lot of her “stories." It made no sense to have her false stories out there without my side.I tried for so long to take the high road, but it had just affected me too much. I also wasn’t about to allow her to convince me that just because she all of a sudden wanted to be friends that I should just allow the truth to be lost. You see, my blog can be taken down, but her accusations and words to the press will always be in cyber space. Once it is printed it is forever available on the internet. I only posted my blog on my personal site, so I don’t know what she is talking about when she says I posted it all over the net. Maybe people chose to copy it and paste it on other sites, but I did not post it anywhere but my personal blog. I do however remember thinking it was telling when she said if I didn't take down the blog, she wouldn’t be able to move forward with me. I laughed inside and thought, 'Is she serious?' I thought for goodness sakes, if she really wanted to work it out, a damn blog wouldn’t matter one bit. If she had been sincerely sorry for making those accusations, then she would have understood why I wanted my truth to be out there, especially after all the things she said and accusations she made. I didn’t hear those words at that time and sadly I believe she was more concerned about the blog being up and exposing her lies than actually being friends and working things out with me! I wish I felt different then, but it confirmed my feelings when I heard her say in this episode that she keeps her friends close, but her enemies closer, which is what she was doing with me. So technically to her that meeting did nothing but confirm that we were “best enemies” obviously not “best friends” ... right? Unfortunately, it just showed me again that to my face she was being one way, but behind my back she was being another. So I guess when she says, “A liar is a liar is a liar,” I can only assume based on her actions that she was describing herself.

Like I said before, that was a different time and place and A LOT has transpired since then -- including an apology to me. Let’s hope that things continue to get better between Tamra and me and that the relationship can ultimately be repaired one day! We certainly both have made steps in that direction.

Did I mention that this stinks having to relive this drama with the woman!?

'Til next week.

Gretchen Christine