Jeana Keough

Jeana has some words of wisdom for the Housewives.

on Feb 8, 2010


I am sorry I haven’t been blogging but it has been pouring here and I have been splashing in the puddles! We don't get a lot of rain here so when we do it is a celebration. My friends Keith and Trevor are still here visiting from Canada with their 5 dogs and there is never a dull moment. Thanks for all your Facebook and Bravo blogs questions about how my family and I are doing. Everyone is great. Shane just left for Scottsdale, he is anxious to start playing baseball. It is quiet here without him. Kara is back at UCLA and studying hard. Colton is ready to be done with high school and move on to college! He has it narrowed down to his Top 5. Real estate is picking up, I sell all price ranges so if you know anyone buying or selling give me a call or email.

Dating is strange after being on my own for so long. It seems the men I pick are geographically undesirable, what is wrong with me that I can't find someone within a 15 mile radius!? And do I do it on purpose? I am thinking of heading to a shrink to find out why I pick men who have jobs that keep them away from me. Why not persue a relationship with a normal 9-5 kind of guy who's home every night? The man I date now lives 70 miles away, and when he isn’t working he spends three months out of the country. Not fun at all - I am spoiled and don’t want to be alone. He also just replaced me with a motorcycle! Looks like it is back to the drawing board.

I haven’t been commenting on the last few episodes, because my mom always said, "Don’t say anything if you can’t say something nice." And there hasn’t been anything nice to write about. Seriously, this Saturday I have to shoot the Reunion Special with the five delightful women you see on your TV each week, and I don’t need them picking on me! So yes, fear is a big part of my not blogging. So here goes, if you must know or care what am I feeling as I watch the season unfold. I miss seeing my kids on TV every week, it was fun watching movies of my family and friends. I do not miss the mean spirited attacks that seem to be a big part of the season. My friends that I spend time with wouldn’t dream of behaving the way the girls have this season. Vicki did the right thing not spending time doing things that didn’t interest her. You can’t fake you are having fun if you aren’t an actor. Alexis seems to be fitting it nicely, I knew she could take care of herself! Jim doesn’t seem as controlling in real life as his does on TV. I was really uncomfortable watching Tamra and Simon’s relationship take a huge beating this season. I hope they can work things out, they have a lot at stake. The financial pressure people are under really doesn’t help.