Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough recounts the Havasu trip, and shares holiday plans.

on Dec 23, 2008

Lake Havasu is one of Colton's favorite places — he is crazy about Frankie and didn't want to go without him. Frankie makes the trip complete, his sense of humor keeps us laughing. His comments (such as zero thread count sheets) leave us in stitches. He is a buffer between Colton and he keeps me sane. I tend to worry about boats and drunk drivers. This trip Colton rescued a boat that had engine trouble and towed it an hour back to the dock. It was hard, tiring work and they gave him 5 dollars, and we laughed a lot over that. Colton is so responsible and driven — I was upset when he wanted to tow the boat of strangers and I wanted to call the coast guard. But he was right, the coast guard was busy and the people were frightened about being trapped on the lake. He is my father all over again and I am proud he is my son. He has Kara's strong sense of civic duty and his maturity level for 16 knocks me out. I can see now why people always want to take him on vacation — he can fix most problems with boats and trailers and he is always willing to run to the store and to help cook. In Havasu we stayed in my friend Dwayne's ex-wife's house. Vicki wanted me next door, but I knew it would be to many late nights for me. I spent some time with Vicki during the trip and she was upset Frankie was there. She had 23 people with her and I don't understand what her problem was. He is my friend and will be in my life forever. She doesn't have to like him, but she should be at least polite to anyone in my group. She had a concussion from the football that hit her, so I understood she wasn't thinking clearly.