Jeana Keough

Jeana talks New Years, Tamra's relationship troubles, Gretchen's intervention with Alexa, and more.

on Jan 8, 2010


I hope everyone had an amazing New Years Eve! I went to the St. Regis with 1000 of my closet friends - it was a night to remember! And you know what happens now - the biggest membership enrollment is January for all the health clubs! Join me in making 2010 the year to get your body in the best shape ever. Duzoxin and other weight loss helpers, can’t do it all, you need, to eat right and exercise. Send me Facebook starting pictures and weights and in four months we will compare! Let's do it together! There have been many stories about me losing my homes to foreclosure and short sales, not true! The banks have been great in restructuring my loans on Kara's, Shane's, Matt's and my houses. If you know anyone wanting to sell or refi, or buy a house please refer him or her to me! I know you think I am a reality star, but my real job for the past 20 years has been in real estate. It is a passion, finding people the perfect home. There has never been a better time to buy! Come on people get motivated!

This week's episode was a surprise! It is hard to believe that the five girls kept Vicki and Donn’s renewing their bonds a secret! It was very touching and sweet, and I loved her Michael Costello wedding dress. I wish them luck in the next 15 years! Relationships take work, and respect for each other, good luck to you both. It looks like they had a great time and maybe now she will take Donn on a few vacations! It is hard to judge other people’s marriages and all of us need to keep our opinions to ourselves. (Simon and Vicki are you reading this?) I know people were very opinionated on my marriage and it was hurtful hearing the comments made on air six months later. Remember alcohol is a disease, dealing with it in your family is rough I have learned a lot about it in the last 6 years. I have learned that I don’t have to live with it anymore. But I also know that you can never shake the feeling, that maybe you didn’t do enough, and that I will carry with me forever. I would like to thank most of you for your positive comments and insight into getting help with my demons of trying to take care of everyone. I have people living with me who have lost their homes. All of us need to do the work not just do the lip service of showing up at church on Sundays. I appreciate my fans and love the delight on your faces when you see me out and about, I have made so many interesting new friends from being apart of this show. I am not sure how much longer Bravo will want me to blog on a show I am no longer on, so I treat each one as my last! is a way to keep in touch with me, or Facebook.

I really think Tamra needs to think about what she is saying about her husband, some of those personal thoughts should be kept for a marriage counselor and not TV consumers. I know we are sharing are lives, but come on people! Most people wouldn’t say those things to their best friends much less 3.2 million viewers. I guess I should have shared some of the things that happened to my children with Tamra, because mommie dearest was on TV. Tamra has three small children in school and kids can be vicious, Simon is a strong father, my husband was really strict also, he would take the cars away for bad grades and I would give them back two days later because I hated getting up for zero period and god knows our society could use a few more strong fathers. All of they boys' friends were afraid of Matt, he expected a lot of his boys and if the friends didn't measure up he didn’t want them around. My sons are grown now and I can look back at laugh at the issues we had, when I made Colton come home from a sleepover because the Mom was taking the boys toilet papering! Shane's friends all come back from college laughing at how strict I was. They thought I was a pushover for taking them in anytime of night, but the next day calling their moms. It takes a town to raise a child!