Jeana Keough

Jeana talks New Years, Tamra's relationship troubles, Gretchen's intervention with Alexa, and more.

on Jan 8, 2010

I thought it was sweet of Gretchen to step up and try to help Lynne's daughter. I too have been troubled by Alexa's comments when I have been around her, so has my daughter Kara. Kara worked with special needs children in high school and has tried a few times to talk to Alexa. Alcohol is a depressant and if she is depressed already she shouldn’t be drinking. Lynne didn't quite get that G was trying to help, she took it as an insult, which is a strange reaction. Having raised three high achieving student/athletes I am very happy that my children had the advice of the best Coaches, Teachers, neighbors and after the show started random strangers. My children have such special relationships and learned so much from all who helped them become the amazing people they are becoming. One of Kara's favorites Mrs. Nuzman, her advanced English teacher, is still one of her best friends. And her love of reading blossomed with all the wonderful books the teachers recommended to her in school. When my kids father got hurt in 1992 every Dad we knew stepped up and helped, driving the kids to sports, throwing them around in the pool, helping with boy scout projects. It was a life-changing event for their Dad and them. As a parent you should be able to pick the people you want influencing your child, and it is possible Lynne doesn't think Gretchen is a positive role model. I think your kids can learn from people's mistakes as well as their successes. I think both Alexis and Lynne missed the point, all of us are concerned with Alexa's behavior, let's get the girl some help. I was never jealous of the special relationships my daughter had with friends of mine, I am a little ADD and there have been times when she needed outside help from my girlfriends, I was always just thankful that she had all kinds of amazing women to get advice from. There are people that try to do it all, and are martyrs, I fully admit my shortcomings and welcome with open arms all the help people offer! I know Kara and Gretchen have always enjoyed each others company, and fashion sense, and sure G has made some poor choices, but you live and learn that in this age of telecommunications any text or Facebook entry, you better be prepared for the world to see it.

I have been distressed over the Tiger Woods story in the last few weeks, I have used it to reinforce what I have told my kids all along, live your life in a way you would be proud to have Grandma see! I think all Tiger’s sponsor’s canceling, are being over dramatic, I personally thought the Tiger Force drink would benefit from all the news. It can’t be easy to keep eight to ten women happy, so send me some of that drink! He is young, he has made mistakes, and he will survive this and be a stronger, smarter and better person when this is over. He is still an accomplished athlete and scholar - let’s not forget that. I wish his Dad was still alive to give him some advice in what has to be the second darkest chapter of his life. I don’t think we should judge his actions - let's see what he does from this point on. He got a huge wake up call and made some very dumb personal decisions. Being involved with men in sports you realize that everyone wants to sleep with them, the women can be quite shameless. Even as early as 12 the girls started calling my boys, aggressive girls with an agenda. Tiger married too young, obviously he wasn't ready. The right thing to do would have been to get separated and try to figure his life out. In this day and age you can't get away with anything. I am at dinner with a client and people are tweeting about seeing me with a guy at so and so place, before I am even done eating people show up to get pictures taken with me. Freaky! We don’t know what his married life was like so let’s not judge him so harshly and quickly. Innocent until proven guilty.

Pick your friends carefully. It reminds me of Tamra, constantly saying keep your enemies close (referring to going to lunch with G.) It's a disturbing motto. Think suicide bomber, not such a great life lesson. I know we aren’t curing cancer, or solving the green issues, but have we nothing to share with our viewers, that can make them sit back and say, "That was a great episode, I learned something to help me deal with issues I am having with my husband, my child, my foreclosure, my recent death of a close friend, how to lose weight, the most amazing restaurants in OC, the finest shopping." All of us have shared our lives, the alcohol and drug addictions the highs of college, the lows of jail, and the ups and downs of relationships. Thanks for having us in your home Thursday nights. Watch what happens next week and watch my Facebook pages for my toilet paper art of Tamra's house!