Jeana Keough

Jeana shares some advice for Vicki.

on Feb 25, 2010


I hope everyone is having a fabulous time watching the last few episodes before we turn it over to New York Housewives. The Reunion show should be spicy, I only saw a little of it while I was waiting for my turn to be grilled. I was a part-time cast member so I didn’t have that much to talk about, but boy oh boy, I was a happy girl to be out of the fireworks!

In this week episode I thought my scene with Vicki was cute, and truthful. The little devil in me was a little happy that she missed me, but really felt bad that she didn’t enjoy being on the show this year. When it stops being fun, get off the train. I did.

I had a difficult Valentine’s week -- it started off sad breaking up with someone I cared about right before the most romantic holiday. I love Valentine's Day more then Christmas! I have decided one man can’t be everything to me, after years without a real life, I want it all. I am trying the let's date 3 and see if it is better. So far so good. Kara has decided I am too needy and she is giving me great advice on dating. I forgot how, and as I am type A personality and want everything immediately, it is going to take some time. No more rebound romances for me -- this time my eyes are wide open. I have my lovely girlfriends, and amazing male friends and I am in no hurry to commit again. I am speaking to women's groups and working with troubled children. My house sales are picking up, and I have quite a few friends staying with me while they decide there next location. Life is good. I am traveling a lot so it is wonderful to have people around for Colton. I think it is hard being the last child left at home. I have put my house up for sale, it will be to big when Colty leaves, but I change my mind everyday. A lot of my friends and clients have lost there jobs. I hope Obama gets this thing turned around soon. There is no job security right now. We are all self-employed and have to focus on networking constantly. It is the only way to get ahead in these uncertain times. I have a team of net workers, from my days in Le Tip that constantly provide me with leads, and I reciprocate. Now granted you can’t all have my visibility, being on a reality show takes a household name to a new level. Being on The Real Housewives of Orange County has made me known throughout the world, and I am grateful for that. You can’t put a price on that sort of publicity. I love that everywhere I go, people know me. I was on a date the other night with a gentleman who had no idea what The Real Housewives of OC was, and he noticed people pointing their cell phones at me and shooting pictures. When I explained why, he went home and Googled me and called me and said there were 683,000 things written about me. Kind of a strange way to get to know someone!