Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough reminisces about her trip with Vicki to Chicago!

on Jan 27, 2009

Going to Chicago with Vicki was a blast. Our first night we stayed at the Blackstone, a Renaissance Hotel. It has so much history it has been a favorite of movie stars, rock stars, sports legends, royalty and Presidents since 1910. It was restored to its original grandeur, and lucky me got the Presidential Suite. The top floor, with two-story glass ceilings, I laid in bed and watched the clouds. My family room, dinning room and kitchen were only rivaled by the amazing bathroom with a TV in the mirror. Vicki had the bridal suite and it was beautiful too!  Her friends and my old boyfriend, Ron Fajerstien, joined us. He brought pictures of his beautiful wife and daughter and he and his brother-in-law went with me to meet Vicki’s crew. A great time was had by all.

It is so fun to catch up with old friends. I lived in downtown Chicago and have such fond memories of Rush Street with my friends Melanie Neal and Stephanie Roberts. I lived in Chicago until I moved to California after I met a wonderful man at the Playboy Mansion in Chicago’s at Playboy'’s 25th Anniversary party.

I have met Tracy, Vicki’s best friend, before — she is one of Vicki’s closest friends. She is great and her husband was such a good sport to put up with us at the pizza place. Jeannie was a doll and I can see why she and Vicki are still close. Vicki loves her life, and boats and I don’t think going out on Lake Michigan would have the same appeal as Lake Havasu. It’s too cold!  My bet is she will never leave California.