Jeana Keough

From Playboy to Real Housewives, Jeana Keough looks back on her career in showbiz.

on Mar 6, 2007


Everyone wants me to divorce Matt, I feel like he has to be back on his feet, and back to work for awhile before those kinds of decisions can be made. He is the most honest person and has done amazing things in his life, he has fathered three unique, intelligent children and for that I will always be grateful. He has no sympathy for my weight struggles and can be really harsh; but that again is his injury. Matt did come to my birthday. He just got upset; I forgot to tell him it was being recorded by Bravo. To me it is no big deal; he just doesn't like cameras around. It really wasn't my party, Vicki just wanted to go out and celebrate, Tammy and the rest of the girls had a party for me later, that day was during the week and everybody had kid things to do. There's more to come next week. Stay tuned.