Jeana Keough

What's keeping Jeana Keough busy? Astrology, dog trainers, and TiVo!

on Feb 27, 2007


This episode was a lot of fun because of that astrology party at Vicki's house. There are also those scenes where Kara and Colton go back-to-school shopping with my credit card, and everyone gets to see Matt go head-to-head with the dog trainer. The astrologer told me that he thinks that I think people wish I would bottle things in. I am very opinionated and always try to solve problems. I think that is were Kara get's her negotiating skills from. People came from everywhere to have my Dad fix their cars; he was an engineer overseeing 300 women, and at night he was a fireman. I think I take after him.


Kara and Colton always shop together. In fact, Kara actually picks out a lot of my stuff too. She has great taste. Steven's mother, Paula, always takes Kara shopping to pick out Steven's stuff too. She has such a special relationships with her; they get pedicures together and go to dinner at least once a week together. It really helps having such a special future mother in-law and I am sure there friendship has made Steven's going away to college easier. I never get upset with Kara's spending, she knows if she over does it she will be taking things back. She is responsible and works hard for her money. She is Vicki's personal assistant. I am thrilled that Kara takes over some of my duties. It was not included in the show that they bought me some stuff that day as well. I picked out some things before I left. My own kids wouldn't rob me — $700 on two kids for back to school shopping is not outrageous.