Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough reflects on working with Vicki and how Kara's adjusting to college life.

on Jan 7, 2008


Vicki was a very demanding client but she demands a lot of herself and expects it of others. I had no problem with Vicki — the editing made it appear more then it was. The house was never empty. When Frankie moved to LA to audition for a pilot for a reality show about design we had several other people wanting to move in. The house is leased now to a family that will end up purchasing in the spring or early summer if Vicki decides to sell it. It is a great lot with a wonderful floor plan and view with dual masters. I could see myself living there. I love the work Vicki and Frankie put into it — you feel like you are in Europe!

I would definitely work with Vicki again. She can make a decision quickly, does her research, and has excellent taste. She has many rental properties and understands the location, view, and price concepts of buying real estate. Besides, she is a close friend and we love house hunting together! I always mix business and pleasure — most of my clients become friends anyway.

As for helping Matt with the purchase of a home, Matthew and I have been together for 20 some years — it is never weird to be around him. He has great vision for real estate and the location of the sun on the house and the area being developed around it. He was one of the first 100 families to live in Coto. He discovered this place in high school when they came out here for prom and shooting at the hunt club. He owned three houses before he was 30 and he made his first million before he was 19. He believed in real estate and, of course, I still trust and value his opinion.