Jeana Keough

Jeana discusses the finale party, what she learned this season, and her friendship with Vicki.

on Mar 4, 2010

Kara was helpful in shaking Alexa out her depression when Raquel left the party without her. She is very good at psychology and figuring out what the deeper issues are. Kara can’t stand by when she sees someone in distress, just like her mother. It is a curse I got from being the daughter of a fireman.

I wasn't on the show very much this season, but my favorite moment would have to be the reunion party, when everyone gets together for drinks to celebrate the last episode. It is great to all be in one place.

I learned a lot about myself this season. I learned that I can fall in love again. I learned honesty in a relationship is the most important thing to me. I discovered I need a break from having one boyfriend; three is better and less stressful. Online dating is freaky, and it doesn’t work for me. I learned that I am a little ADD, and am changing diet and coffee reduction to see if I can slow down and be a better listener. I ask for help when I need it, I don’t try to be a martyr and do everything myself. I learned that your real friends come out in adversity, and Rebecca V, Patty R, Chaz B, Trevor P, Ben M, Christian G, Keith R, Quinn F, Allan, Lupe, Scott D, Christy H and Rick have all taught me to believe in myself, get divorced, and move on. As much as I want to help my soon-to-be ex, he has to do it himself. I won’t feel guilty that I didn’t try everything, I tried everything. I also learned that it isn't very nice to text bad news -- deliver it in person. Have a wonderful week, I hope you enjoyed the fashion, the sassy girls, the high drama and the wonder of the St. Regis in our lovely Reunion special. It was a magical night and when all is said and done, we are all friends. I have had so many inquiries about my relationship with Vicki, we are like sisters, we fight, we make up, we share shoes, gardening tips and no matter what, we'll be friends forever.