Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough gives her reunion show reaction!

on Feb 26, 20090

The reunion started off fun and everyone looked great and was happy to see each other. Then Jay, Gretchen’s stalker ex-boyfriend sent Tamra an upsetting text that set her off. I tried to calm Tamra, but she wasn’t going to listen to anyone at that moment. Tamra felt she had to explain her side of why she was a mean girl, but I am not sure it worked. Jay has been trying to undermine Gretchen since the show started. There is nothing you can do when an ex-boyfriend wants to be nasty, except be happy you saw through him and get him out of your life. It was ugly and hurtful to see fighting - I always feel that an argument should be in private. Gretchen cannot control the actions of another, and she shouldn’t be blamed for it. Gretchen was expecting this fun question and answer from fans and immediately she got hit with questions like, "How do you feel now that Jeff is dead?" How can you answer that? It immediately made her sad and she is trying to move on, not dwell in the past. I was so surprised, I mean everyone knows you are so fragile after a death — I would have steered clear of the topic entirely. Then she was asked if she was a gold digger. Who asks someone that? The whole day was really upsetting for Gretchen and I felt terrible that I couldn’t be more supportive, but there was an agenda there I couldn’t control. Tamra was upset and reacted accordingly — she normally is a sweet girl that we all love to be around. She has a quick wit normally, but this day she was under a lot of stress.

Tamra felt she had to explain her side of why she was a mean girl, but I am not sure it worked.

Vicki is the most fun of the group, and no party starts until she gets there. This season left her look a little mean and petty, but again it is editing. Her partying is such a small part of her life - she normally works until at least 10 and really doesn’t have time for new people in her life at this moment. She is a good person with good values, and a friend I treasure.

Lynne is sweet and adorable and she reminds me of Suzanne Summers character in Three’s Company. She says the most outrageous things and there is never a dull moment with her. I am sorry I hurt her feelings at the reunion. Mean was in the air!