Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough explains why she's not a Lake Havasu fan, and reveals a big perk of being a reality star.

on Jan 30, 2007

Life goes on here in the Keough household. Shane's been working out like crazy (trying to get in shape for spring training), Kara and Colton have been studying for finals, and the dogs have been driving me nuts. I tell Kara every day I want to get rid of Mo, but she really loves that little dog.


In this episode, we get to see Kara studying for the SATs. I want her to go to UCLA so she can be close enough to come home in case of an emergency, but I think she should also be far enough away to get a real life experience: dorm life, cafeteria food, sharing a bathroom. All the good stuff.
People have asked me where I got the idea to buy a house for each of my children. That idea actually came from Uncle Richie's mother. When she died, each child received a house. I know of parents who, instead of paying for their child's expensive wedding, choose to buy a house for their child — or at least put in a large down payment. I'm a realtor so this is my way of securing a future for my kids. I think it's wiser to purchase the houses now instead of in six years when inflation will make houses unaffordable to young adults.