Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough apologizes for her son's dirty mouth!

on Feb 15, 2007


OK, I'm guessing there are some things I need to clear up. First and foremost, I am absolutely mortified that my son acted the way he did. Obviously most people believe I allow this behavior in my house but I do not. And I could really care less if these people think I am a horrible mother because my twenty-year-old son has a rotten mouth.


Growing up, all three of my children had their mouths washed out with soap (Grandma Keough's technique), and I am sad to say that this doesn't always work. Shane grew up and soared past me in height and size, he soon realized there wasn't much I could do to get him to be nice. After he moved out and got a taste of the real world, Shane's attitude got better. Shane is 95% a great kid. He has a professional career, he's drug-free, he works out, he is organized, and he is a responsible adult. He resents the cameras and does not mind putting on another persona when they are around. He understands what I am still learning — that the people who matter won't place judgment based on what they see on T.V.