Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough shares the parental figures in her kids' lives, and apologizes for arguing with Vicki.

on Dec 12, 2008

Colton didn't have a father around much when he was small because Matt was a baseball scout. It is always difficult trying to wear too many hats at once — Colton's dad was gone a lot when he was little. The neighbors picked up the slack and so did big brother Shane. Shane was Kara's fashion police (if the jeans were too low he made her change and was brutal about her early Spice Girls wardrobe.) She dressed conservatively or he gave her such a hard time it took the joy out of the outfit. My ex-husband Gary Tomasino helped the boys with their boy scout projects and there science projects.

Uncle Richie has played a big part in the kids' lives. He has been there for every birthday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. I feel like I have another son. Colton says he acts older then Richie — they play X-box together and Kara and Richie go to concerts together. He takes Kara to dinner once a week in San Francisco during the school year and buys her groceries when she is low. He is a big shoulder to lean on and Kara loves their time together. Richie's dad gave Kara savings bonds when she was little and she uses those for all her college expenses.

Kara and Simon are soulmates — they have the same brilliant humor. They are both extremely intelligent and quick-witted. I know Kara counts him as a close friend. I am not sure if she considers him a father figure, but she does really enjoy him. I hope she shoots better than her mother.