Kara Keough

Tensions run high on a hilarious road trip with Kara Keough and her mom!

on Feb 10, 2009

The trip back to school was a little chaotic. My mom is such a pain to drive with. She is, hands down, the WORST "backseat driver" known to man. She slaps, she screams, and she'll also randomly GASP and make me feel like I ran over a small kitten or something (when in reality she just thought I was "too close" to the car 50 feet in front of me). My mom and I are a lot like sisters, we fight, we share shoes, and we also drive each other completely nuts (but I would argue that I could never love a sister as much as I love my mom). So, whenever I get in the car with my mom, whether it's her or me behind the wheel, the experience is rather high-strung. When I was learning to drive, I cried on multiple occasions from the pressure and stress. "JESUS CHRIST KARA! That's not a stop. YOU'RE TOO CLOSE TO THE CURB!! Let me drive. I'm not ready to DIE. I give up — we'll just pay your brother to drive you around. Is this because Shane took your Barbie Jeep and never let you drive?" So, naturally, the trip to Berkeley was, without a doubt, the most infuriating seven hour drive. I felt like I needed a Valium or something. When she drove, all I wanted to do was close my eyes and pretend I didn't notice her driving on the wrong side of the road, or the curbs she leveled... However, I value my life too much! She thinks I suck at driving, well, Tootsie, LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER. The obnoxious thing is that she really believes she's a good driver.

Anyway, when we finally got to Berkeley, all I wanted to do was see my new place and start living the dream. She wanted to eat, socialize, and walk around Berkeley. So I was a spoiled, whiney little brat until I got all my stuff moved in. For her, going to Berkeley was a vacation. For me, it was business. I am a type-A personality and when I know something needs to be done, I can't relax until it's done. I'm very much like Vicki in that sense. I was pretty irritated with my mom throughout the trip because in the back of my mind I was sorting out all the things I still had to do — pictures to hang, couches to move, refrigerators to fill. My mom's very laid back when it comes to moving, (she's a realtor and it is something so common to her) but I am not. Moving can be a stressful time for most people, just not for my mom. At the end of the trip, I just thought back and laughed at all the ridiculousness. I called Colton and told him all the "Jeana-isms" that made the trip memorable. I swear, talking about my mom with my brothers is among my Top 5 Favorite Things to Do. She really is the most entertaining mother a girl could have.