Kara Keough

Tensions run high on a hilarious road trip with Kara Keough and her mom!

on Feb 10, 2009

SIDENOTE: Go easy on my brother, everyone! We all know he doesn't always say the right things, but he is a good guy. He was really unhappy my mom brought the cameras to his game when he asked her not to. Shane sees things in black and white, and for him, that was unacceptable. He snapped and said some things he shouldn't have, but we've all been there. I know I've said many things I regret, and Shane's worst moments are magnified on TV. (And if I see ANYONE saying anything bad about my little Colton, I'll personally kick their ass. He's my mom's savior and he only cares about what's best for her. He gets on her case about what she eats because he hates to see her sad face as she looks in the mirror and says, "God, I'm fat." It's the most heart-breaking thing to have a mother with such destroyed self-confidence.) Shane is growing up and he's learning. We all are. So remember, although it's easy to criticize people you don't know, try to think about how YOUR words hurt them. Shane may seem insensitive, but we're not always what we appear to be. Also, don't criticize my mother's parenting! She's doing what she can, guys. It's hard to be two parents to three kids when there's only one of you.

Have a great week everyone, GO BEARS!