Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant explains why life is not a spectator sport.

on Dec 12, 2008

This episode is about playing because "Life Is Not A Spectator Sport. Win, Lose or Draw, the Game is in Process." The Keoughs establish the rules to play baseball. The college, the coach, the playing time, etc. All so Shane can play ball (without first ingesting a mushroom sandwich.) Marty played, Matt played, Colton will play. Vicki and Laurie play in New Orleans. The insurance people in Vicki's hotel room (herself included) are the top producers from all over the world. They have sold millions and millions of dollars in death benefits to protect the surviving family members! Does anyone see the irony that this actually takes place in New Orleans a few weeks prior to Hurricane Katrina? Laurie and Vicki learn they share a unifying fact about the devastation of their father's ill health. (Currently, Laurie's dad has convinced the nursing staff to tune every television in his hospital to Bravo — he hasn't stopped playing!)