Kimberly Bryant

Real Housewife Kimberly Bryant recounts her climb to reality fame.

on Dec 12, 2008

So what did I learn? An immense amount about how a television show is made, how it is promoted, how struggles for creative control among everyone are fascinating. I learned how to put on false eyelashes. I learned that I look just fine without them. Lighting is everything when it comes to appearance. Because it is a visual medium regardless of how much time one spends primping, in the end how one physically appears is greatly influenced by the color correction in the editing room. There are scenes when "they" need you to look harsh and other scenes where "they" want you to look good. They can't change the essence of you, i.e. the way you move, the shape of your nose. I learned that to be on reality TV, you have to jump in, have a great time and don't worry about the outcome. Like the rest of life: ENJOY THE PROCESS.

After dozens of television, newspaper, magazine and radio interviews I learned that I really enjoy public relations. It is surreal to sit in a national news studio, a microphone system hooked to your blouse and ear waiting your turn to be interviewed. I looked up at the monitor and it was showing people protesting in France, the anchorman interviewing the author of a new book about Jesus and then me dancing with some 25-year-old guy in Palm Springs. I started laughing and said, "You're not really going to ask me about breast implants after debating the validity of Jesus Christ are you?" They did. (A side note, if anyone is seeking employment, the staff at T.V. Guide studios in Hollywood are a kick in the pants and would be great fun to work with.)