Lauri Peterson

Lauri Peterson shares what life has been like for her and her family after taking leave from The Real Housewives of OC.

on Jan 7, 2009

Sophie still plays the violin. I just bought her a new full size violin to accommodate her new size. Sophie and Bria are both growing at a rapid pace and morphing into beautiful young women before our eyes! Although Bria is one year older, Sophie is too competitive to let Bria pass her up in height. They both measure in at 5'2"! Where did our little girls go?

Danyka, George's 15 year old, is as beautiful as ever and working on obtaining her drivers permit. Don't worry everyone - I will give a public warning when she gets it! Danyka reminds us of a little filly with these crazy long legs and bundles of energy. She has officially caught up with my height and is now 5'8 and a half inches tall! We are working on building some kind of "boy guard" for the property to keep the boys away!

McKenzie, nearing 20 years old, has flown the coop and is all grown up! She is serious about her college studies and has put in several applications to transfer to a University to further her studies. If you watch MTV, you can't miss seeing her in a music video or two. She is as gorgeous as always and currently a brunette.