Lauri Peterson

Lauri Waring isn't loving the tattoos the girls got in South Beach.

on Nov 22, 2007


In regards to the girls getting tattoos in South Beach, well I just don't understand why a person wants to be marked up, not to mention that it is permanent. I've heard that statistically, if you can talk a person out of getting a tattoo when they are between the ages of 16-25, odds are they won't get one later. I actually feel sick to my stomach when I see a person covered in tattoos. For some reason, I can't even bring myself to touch them.

Ashley and McKenzie are adults and can do whatever they want to do with their bodies. Their tattoos are small and I'm thankful that they got them on their feet and that they respected us enough to wait until the legal age to receive a tattoo. To each their own, but tattoos just aren't for me -- George feels the same. We have the same parenting style. I can tell you that if Ashley or McKenzie were under age, we would have had their tattoos removed and the artist fined!