Lauri Peterson

Lauri Waring Peterson explains why marrying her Prince Charming doesn't mean a happy ever after.

on Dec 2, 2008

Hi everybody! Sorry I'm getting to my first blog one week late. I'm suffering from a bad case of living in la la land. George keeps me very, very busy, you know what I mean? This newlywed stuff is killing me and leaving me much to weak to think! Ha. Congratulations to the "other wives" for being so punctual!

This brings me to the first question that I guess everyone wants to know - since marrying my "Prince Charming," has married life been the fairy tale I expected? Well, yes of course and maybe a little bit no. I've heard some say I have the Cinderella story. People think that George and I rode off in the sunset and lived happily ever after. Well after one year of marriage, I would say that our relationship is more complicated than just Cinderella and Prince Charming. It is more like Cinderella meets Snow White, or rather Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs! Yes, that's it!

My relationship with George is amazing and we really do ride off in the sunset many nights. Our kids say that we are lovebirds. I missed out on spending the first half of my life with George, so I enjoy spending every second that I have with him now. The other wives have pointed out that I call George "babe" way too much and it makes them queasy, but George just seems so formal. So, if anyone can think of a better nickname, I'll give it a go! I say it out of habit; in fact I accidentally call many people babe. We truly are glued to each other's hip. We hate spending time apart and try to limit that as much as possible. There isn't anything that he wouldn't do for me. He is even trying to snore more softly--NOT! I love our endless hours of conversation, nightly walks, trail rides on our horses, cutting roses in the garden, couples massages, vacationing at a minutes notice, shopping (George can shop like a girl!) and our fantastic love life!