Lauri Peterson

After an emotional year, Lauri Waring Peterson and her son Josh speak candidly about his battle with drug addiction.

on Jan 22, 2008

Josh: My first reaction was that only I can change my life — no one can do it for me. Of course I have to take initiative, and I have to be the one that steps up, and a mediator is a mediator, then that can be beneficial, but I didn't want someone going in there and saying, "Josh, you need to do this; you need to feel like this." I don't know if you caught how I act and how I am to authority, but... Like any teenager?

Josh: Yeah - never really been good at that. I told her, "I'll give it a shot and we'll see how things go." And I think it went successfully. I'm sure there will be a lot more than they show, like there always is...

Lauri:...I think the producers are very aware of how important it is to tell Josh's story. It's real and to the point and just because again a lot of families are facing these types of situations. And I think they're interested in seeing how we deal with it. At least he showed up. Do you still work with Stacie?

Lauri: No, no. That was just a one-time thing. She lives all the way up in LA. I wish Stacie lived with us. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you offered.