Lauri Peterson

After an emotional year, Lauri Waring Peterson and her son Josh speak candidly about his battle with drug addiction.

on Jan 22, 2008 So, Josh, before your mother reached out to you, did you reach out to your mother at all saying you wanted to be involved in the wedding?

Josh: Yeah. For a big part, it was my girlfriend at the time. She was kind of the one that went, "You can't live without your mom. Family is everything." She really was the one that pushed it on me to bandage the hardship that happened in the relationship. She was the one who told me, "You're not going to ever be successful. You're never going to be happy unless you take that step. And it's not much to ask." She said, "I'm sure you'll thank me in the end. And I'm sure when you're successful and you have a successful relationship with your mom, you'll be so happy that you did it." And I was like, "But you don't understand! You don't understand!" She started throwing out quotes on forgiveness. I swear [she was like a] fortune cookie. She pushed that on me, and she said hopefully my mom could forgive me, and after that it would be peaches and cream...I was like, "You don't understand" because I have to resent everything. I made the call, and I was like "Mom, I'd like to go to your wedding." ... And you know I was happy because she said the same thing. I was expecting the but..."But you should probably meet the therapist." Always therapist. Counselor and the therapist...

Lauri: You know I have to say, right here, I think is a good time that for some reason everyone thinks that Josh and I weren't communicating with each other. Even when I did have to kick Josh out of the house for a time, we were still talking to each other a lot. And we never ever really stopped talking. I was angry at Josh for things that he said that weren't true. I was mad at how he reacted. He was probably mad at me when I kicked him out of the house. Josh knows we had a contract that we built with the psychologist that if any of the rules had been broken then this is what had to have happen. It was tough love, which was harder on me than on anybody. But at the time when Josh was out of my house, his behavior was unpredictable and he knows that, especially at the time of the planning of my wedding, he was probably at his lowest point in his life. And he was doing all sorts of things that weren't healthy for him, and I think...he was just having a party and I don't think he realized what was happening and the pain it was causing me and George because that is so hard to watch a child go down and not be able to do a thing about it. And there were so many times that I tried to help and he wasn't ready. He wasn't ready. And it was only I think, Josh, it was probably close to three weeks before the wedding where he did reach out. And basically he said, "I need help. I know I need help, and I need help. Will you be there?" And so we started meeting for lunches and dinners and he's absolutely right in saying that his girlfriend was very instrumental in trying to just get him down on the right path. So, you know, we started talking about the wedding a lot and eventually he said that he would be able to show up, be healthy, and not cause problems, and so I asked him to escort my mother down the aisle, which she was very proud to have.